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    Jul 15

    Twitter starts Web Data Mining with Summize

    Twitter bought Summize. This makes much so sense, because Summize offers Sentiment Analysis.

    Betaworks: "The deal started with a conversation with Fred Wilson about how conversational search can evolve…"

    Fred Wilson: "Twitter will now allow you to follow not only people but also ideas, concepts, names, thoughts, etc."

    You can get an idea with this example here:


    The Twitter Service is called Twistori

    Summize offers Sentiment Technology. Summize Labs are now offline, but I tested them weeks BEFORE Summize startet their Twitter search. At that time they offered a product ratings search engine, especially for movies, based on sentiments from within the blogsphere and from selected web sites like the IMDb. It worked very very well. They even found my several years old printer with a good summary of reviews. Perfect for informed decisions without spending much time, because of the summarization of reviews visualized by green, yellow to red colors. You had to see it by yourself, because it was a new and perfect executed service.

    Evan Williams: "Summize was just really impressive with their user interface, the quality of the search, and a bunch of features they had." (…) "we were super impressed with their engineering"

    Why did Twitter buy Summize?

    About Summize "Summize’s mission is to search & discover the topics and attitudes expressed within online conversations."

    Jay Virdy: “At Summize, we assembled a small, quirky, but highly efficient and experienced team to build a powerful platform to extract user opinions from blogs and review sites. Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, our cacographic Chief Scientist, applied machine learning techniques to understand how users express sentiment using common words and polarizing phrases (e.g., when someone says “nice” it isn’t necessarily in a positive sense). Dr. Eric Jensen, our first hire and perpetually caffeinated VP of Development, built the complex underlying data engine. In 2008, we discovered Twitter as a source of the most timely and relevant opinions on trending topics. We immediately embarked on a plan to develop the best Twitter search and discovery application to serve the Twitter community and burgeoning Twitter ecosystem.” (…) “Twitter will benefit tremendously

    So Twitter now can monitor feelings and sentiments of people. What could they do with it?

    Om Malik: "Just as AdSense serendipitously turned Google into a giant cash register, with Summize, Twitter can take the first step towards a business model."

    Twitter combined with Summize is now turning into a gold mine for Web Data Mining and Web Monitoring for global corporations.

    John Borthwick: There is something new going on here (…) live information (…) “now web” (…) its taking on a whole new form (…) I first sensed the shift with the trending topic list on front page of Summize. This is a feature that the team created right out of the sentiment based technology of Summize.

    You can see a tiny bit of the sentiment analysis technology in the advanced search options of Summize - here - You can search for Twitter Messages ”with positive attitude” or “negative attitude”. Unfortunately their Labs aren’t open, they provided a much better insight to the the power of the technology behind Summize.

    Venturebeat: The next time you complain about a company on Twitter, Get Satisfaction may be listening” “For companies that choose to use Overheard, the service will scour the public Twitter stream using Summize to find when that company’s name is mentioned”.

    With the technology of Summize, Ford could ask Twitter, how their products do. If the people like their new car or not. Ford could pay Twitter to monitor all their products and get alarmed, if the twitter crowd of early adopters talks bad about a particular auto.

    Evan Williams: "We want to give access to more of this data that’s flowing through the system, based on what the content is and maybe other ways in the future."

    Twitter + Summize is like ICQ + Nielsen//NetRatings ;-)

    Or Twitter could hyper target their ads to Twitter Messages with positive feelings about products, protecting marketeers to advertise their goods near negative sentiments related to their company. Peer39 is just starting this technology.

    Twitter + Summize is like ICQ + Google AdSense ;-)

    And when Twitter integrates http://bit.ly/ they can offer their clients a Semantic and Geo Spatial Analysis, of UGC data, too. They could follow how a meme evolves through Twitter and identify the key viral persons, who spread the words about a new product on a global scale, therefore combining the social graph with the data graph, wow!

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