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    Jun 27

    Live skydiving with Google’s glasses (freaking amazing, must watch!)

    "It’s hard to ignore Google’s X Lab-born Project Glass. News of the slim-lined, scifi goggles’ existence first surfaced this past February and it wasn’t long after that Mountain View’s own elite began to flaunt the heads-up display in public. While little of the device’s true purpose and functionality is known, we have been privy to certain features over the past few months, like photo sharing to Google+ and even its ability to overlay Maps.

    Though product lead Steve Lee shrugged off rumors of a late 2012 launch, it does appear the company’s itching to spill a few more (jelly) beans at today’s I/O conference.To do that, Sergey Brin rushed onstage at Google I/O wearing the glass units to give us a brief live action demo courtesy of a skydive over San Francisco. Video of the jump, performed by four divers in a blimp, was streamed live through Google Hangouts to attendees at the Moscone Center. In keeping with the extreme vibe of this demonstration, the showcase was handed off to bikers on the rooftop, also outfitted with the lenses, who jumped from building to building via ramp and then eventually cycled into the arena and right up to Sergey, himself.

    As a finishing touch, Brin also snapped a shot of the team using his own headset. All told, it’s a pretty incredible way to once again officially tease this forward-looking tech.”

    They’ll be able to order them today for $1,500. Yes, you read that correctly. Google is opening the Glass doors to US-based developers who are attending Google I/O. According to Brin, the US-only restriction is due to regulatory concerns with other countries.

    It’s assurance that Glass shouldn’t become vaporware, and that’s an incredibly reassuring proposition when it comes to something that could be the most exciting technology product for consumers in years.

    via Engadget, The Next Web


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